Linux Mint 16 Petra : sources.list (official-package-repositories.list)

The repository of Linux Mint 16 Petra is available (The release of Linux Mint 16 is expected around the end of November). You can find out what packages are in the repository here :

Also you can check the development progress of Linux Mint 16 Petra here :

Unless there is a significant change in Linux Mint 16, the sources.list of Linux Mint 16 (official-package-repositories.list) should looks like the following.

deb petra main upstream import
deb saucy main restricted universe multiverse
deb saucy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb saucy-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb saucy partner

# deb saucy-getdeb apps games


You probably already know that Linux Mint 16 will be shipped with Cinnamon 2.0. Since Cinnamon 2.0 is available at the time of writing, you could install it on Ubuntu 13.10 to experience new features.

Simply, add the following line in ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’

deb petra main upstream import

then install ‘cinnamon’

apt-get update ; apt-get install linuxmint-keyring ; apt-get install cinnamon

find more about Cinnamon 2.0 here :

Here are few screenshots of Cinnamon 2.0 on Ubuntu 13.10



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